Looking through my pictures. Never thought that summer is coming to an end. 😦 I kinda miss those days with 90 degrees, sweating and wearing shorts, and enjoying a cup of smoothies.

Flipping through my memories. I can’t forget summer 2011, which is my best summer. I remember I was stressing out through my internship, worrying about doing bad, but I met a group of friends. In fact, they gave me the most memorable summer.

To me, summer wouldn’t have been great without them. We went out every week. Well, almost every week. Highlights of the summer:

  • waiting & seating at chelsea pier to watch the July 4th Fireworks
  • went to flushing but went into the WRONG MALL!! (OMG.. I can’t forget that)
  • waited for an hour to enter Grimaldi, and finished the pizza in 5 minutes
  • went to Yankees together
  • biking at Governor’s Island
  • Went crazy without alcohol in Karaoke
  • filming some silly video when we were bored
  • baking with Celia Zhang (this is how I got my baking skills.. no Kidding)

Now, I am back in NYC for my full time job. I am really happy about it because I LOVE LOVE LOVE NYC!! But come to think of it, nothing can beats my 1st living experience in NYC.

To my friends: I miss those time when we were planning our weekends. All those fun, crazy, happy.. moments.. will just make me laugh when I watch the video. I hope we can have a reunion some time in the future!!

I wish you all the best!! 😀

❤ Below is my favorite picture. Celia, Jeff, me, & David.. We call ourselves the Fantastic 4? Superdry? Whatever.. ha..