I have abandon my blog for MONTHS.. Sorry blog.. I have exam and I decided to just stop writing..

However, during my study break.. I need something to release my stress.. I did a K Pop Dance workshop with I Love Dance in NYC.. I have been taking some classes for quite some time.. Songs that I have learned:

  • EXO-K – History
  • 2NE1 – Fire
  • BOA – Energetic
  • Infinite – Paradise

Every Dance is really unique and totally different from American Hip Hop.. I love dancing so much and I have been to Broadway Dance Center to take some classes as my “workout” of the day.. My favorite instructor, CHIO is from Japan and she is really friendly and I find it really challenging in her class..

Since this post is about K-Pop dancing.. I am gonna talk more about it.. I Love Dance was founded by MJ Choi, my lovely instructor.. Her classes are always FUN FUN FUN!!! I am always looking forward to her classes and trying to be there as early as possible so that I can grab a front spot to learn..

The video that we shoot at Time Square and Bryant Park is call “Like This” by Wonder Girls.. Everyone in the video was having fun time and we totally forget that we are dancing in the middle of the street and many people gave us a really weird stare.. At least some of it.. lol..

What I gained from this video shooting.. FRIENDS.. Yes.. How can I survive without a friend in NYC right?? and what more to ask since all of us love to dance.. (I am not going to post pictures here since most of it are on Facebook) 🙂

Hip Hop is my favorite dance.. It’s always a great workout to me as you will move, shake your body.. Currently learning my favorite band, SUPER JUNIOR “Sexy Free Single” and Miss A “Touch”. Both are great dance..

A little side note.. K Pop Dance are held at Dany’s Studio located at 38th street and 8th ave. You can check out their Facebook.. http://www.facebook.com/ilovekoreanhiphopdance?ref=ts