This event happened a month ago.. I find it really interesting to exploring different culture in NYC.. Allthe way at lower Manhattan, we have Chinatown, Little Italy.. Midtown, we have Koreatownand lots of international cuisine you can find it here..

On a Sunday, I decided to head to Brooklyn Botanical Garden for the “Cherry Blossom” Japanese Fair.. Since, it was Spring.. Flowers are blooming.. Brooklyn Botanical garden is definitely a perfect place for it.. What a great day for me to get out of busy Manhattan and enjoy the fresh air here..

There are many events, performance held on that day.. These are a few events/performance that I find it interesting.. Japanese Tea Ceremony, Samurai Sword performance, and Japanese cosplay..

Best event of the day.. JAPANESE TEA CEREMONY! My friend find it really boring.. butfor a tea lover like me.. I find it really interesting.. They first start of by inviting 4 volunteers to join their performance.. Sadly I was not chosen.. The 4 volunteers get to taste the tea and sweets that they served with their ceremony.. 

  1. the assistant will bring out the sweets. You are not allow to have the sweets till the assistant said.
  2. Once the assistant said you are allow to have the sweets, the 1st guest has to bow to the 2nd guest to show respect and get their approval, he/she may then get the sweets and pass it on to the 2nd guest.. the 2nd guest and so on will do the same practice as the 1st guest did.. the final guest will bow to the food to show respect as well.. The narrator of the performance Kyoko, gave everyone a piece of “napkin”.. I don’t remember what was it supposed to call in Japanese..
  3. When the tea is served. It will start by serving the 1st guest.. the 1st guest has to bow to the 2nd guest as well.. the practice is exactly the same.. In Japanese culture, you are fine to slurp as loud as possible on your final sip to show that it’s tasty.

Before drinking the tea, I saw the guest was rotating the bowl 90 degrees. It made me curious to ask a question at the end. Kyoko explain to me that, it is to avoid the center(hot) by rotating the bowl. 

There are a lot more happening in the tea ceremony.. I might write a few pages of it.. I will stop here. From this performance, I am amazed by how Japanese has such a beautiful practice.. I am actually planning to take a class to learn the culture in a few weeks.. Kyoko told me to take it as a meditation class.. A great way to explore a culture and meditate.. Great Idea?

Samurai Sword PerformanceThis performance was hilarious.. they made a short story line with the Samurai sword. by showing that there shouldn’t be fighting in the world. Nowadays, everyone who love Japanese cartoon will know Samurai.. This performance reminds me of all the Japanese shows and cartoons I used to watch it when I was a kid.. such as doremon..

Cosplay is a BOM now in Japanese Modern Culture.. People were dressed up with their favorite character in any movies.. it kinda means that “by bringing them to the real world”.. One of the famous costume that caught my eyes.. YES.. BUMBLE BEE!!! from transformer.. the crowd went crazy for it.. There are many more such as Sonic the super hero, some princesses.. Some of the dresses are HANDMADE!!!


  • I met the person who invented SUDOKU!!! I remember how much I used to love sudoku in Malaysia and I used to challenge my mom.. I guess she is definitely better than me now.. I got a signature from him by buying a game book and gave it to my mom as a “challenge” gift during mother’s day.. My mom likes it.. 😀
  • Board games from Japan was taught in the event.. This game was really difficult.. Idon’t think I can even explain it by looking.. the line was way too long to learn it so I just took a picture of it and stood there hope to at least gain something.. you cansee this game in many olden movies..
  • There are many more display such as doll making. These are all handmade.. I saw them painting it and putting it piece by piece..
  • Stores that were selling kimonos, hand made hair bands, kinokuniya books, manga..
  • Tours in Brooklyn Botanical Garden; manga for dummies; Japanese culture dance performance; Japanese drum performance; and lots more events that were held..

I am disappointed that I am not able to split myself into 2 pieces so I can watch as many performance as I can.. Overall, I am really glad I attended this event as a break.

Living life to the fullness.. Exploring and learning new stuff.. even if it’s just a small thing! I can see that LIFE IS GREAT!!!