A great way to enjoy my 3 days weekend. Thanks to the memorial weekend. One of my guilty pleasure is definitely chocolates!! Preparing for my exam which is 2 months ahead. I need to make myself happy!! With all these chocolates, I know it makes my Sunday really good!!

Thanks to groupon, I got a tour for 2 for only 30 dollars.. I am gonna show you all my stops.

First Stop, which is my favorite. Jacques Torres!! It’s located inside Chelsea Market.


The owner of this shop invented OREO COOKIES!!! This hot chocolate is really unique.. We get to sample a small cup of the hot chocolate, just like a size of an espresso shot.. Dark Chocolate with nutmeg,cinnamon, and chipotle.. That chipotle really gives a kick to your taste bud.. I dislike cinnamon and nutmeg, but the chipotle totally changes the taste of it..

Second Stop, my 2nd favorite.. well.. I can consider thisas my top 2 favorites because at this stop, we are sampling a dark chocolate with 72% cocoa.. Mmmm.. I am a huge fan of dark chocolate.. this stopdefinitely makes my day..


The name of the shop is Li Lac Chocolate. They are famous for their fudge as well.. the sample that I had was really rich in the chocolate.. I can taste that there aren’t much artificial flavors added besides sugar.. As you can see they have chocolate in cute shape.. the furniture tools and the basket ball caught my eyes..

Walking opposite, we are heading to a chocolate bar.. Here, we get a sample of a 62% dark chocolate with sea salt. This is not too bad to enjoy if you love dark chocolate and have a sweeter tooth.. I personally prefer the one at Li Lac. Sorry I did not take any pictures here.. This is a cute chocolate bar which serves variety flavors of hot chocolate.. A very local shop located in West Village. It might not be as famous as Citi Bakery, but I love this local spot. You can find their rest room hiding behind.

Our fourth stop, everyone knows this. Featuring Sex And the City.. MAGNOLIA BAKERY.. this is not “chocolate” but is more like a cupcake and other desserts. I love the banana pudding. This location is famous because of the movie.. seating opposite of the shop eating their cupcake.. I am not a huge fan of cupcake.. I went in and get a sample of their Banana Pudding..

Fifth Stop, Pasticceria Bruno Bakery.

ImageThis place has the BEST Cannoli I have ever had.. You can’t find the cannoli display. You have to ask for it and they will make you a fresh one. We did not get a sample of it and I paid 3.50 for the huge one to share it with my friend. The cream tasted like ice-cream. There is a fruity taste and some chocolate bites in it.. Yes.. It’s fresh. This explains why their cannoli won an award. This is a place that is perfect for desserts. There are plenty of sits. This dessert place will make your day.

6th Stop, Vosges Haut Chocolate. We get to sample, caramel toffee nut chocolate, candied Bacon chocolate, and indian curry chocolate.. Unique? Right… Love sampling different flavors.

ImageThe shop does not allow us to take pictures of their chocolates unless I am in the photo. First Time trying candied bacon.  Wow, I didn’t know that it’s actually my favorite out of the 3 chocolates that I have sampled in this shop. The salty taste of the bacon gives the chocolate a little kick, brings out the sweetness instead of just sugary taste. The caramel toffee nut is a little too sugary. The Indian Curry Chocolate is unique that contains coconut and curry. Is a little weird to me but I am glad that I sampled it.

Final stop, Xocolatti. It was opened by a 24 years old entrepreneur. What a huge success. This cute little chocolate place is filled with chocolate boxes on the wall. We get to sample the Mango Paprika chocolate. It’s really unique but not my favorite. It’s a little spicy with white chocolate (if I am not wrong). I do not have a picture of this place. I really love the design of this shop.

Chocolates make people happy. I am happy by taking a break of my studies and decided to share my tour. If you love the tour, you can actually book it through this link: http://www.thecelebrityplanet.com/newyork/the-chocolate-tour-of-new-york.html

I will prefer them to exclude Magnolia Bakery and Pasticceria Bruno Bakery. Since it’s call the chocolate tour. I am hoping to sample more chocolates. Overall. A really nice break and I am glad that I explored so many hidden places in NYC!!!